24/7 Emergency Tree Care

Acadia Tree Care service experts are ready to help you in the event of an emergency tree care situation.

Emergency Tree Care

Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fail, often landing on homes, cars, other structures or other trees. The weight of storm damaged trees is tremendous and they are very dangerous to remove or trim. Our arborist can assist in performing the emergency tree care in a safe manner, while reducing further risk of damage to your property.

Our emergency service is a rapid response to tree hazards that occur outside the ordinary realm of tree care. Most emergency tree care situations are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted on your own. We will have the necessary equipment to safely remove the immediate danger. We also arrive with cameras to take picture or video to supply to your insurance company. We will have direct contact with your insurance company if the need arises but in most cases the insurance companies policy is to have the pictures taken and immediately proceed with the emergency tree care. We supply a written assessment of the probable cause for the failure of the tree or portion thereof along with a printed invoice for the cost.

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